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All The Planets Have Aligned

This album is certainly one for the ages! And we could not be more proud of this effort! I really achieved what I had set out to do: Create a classic sounding prog record in the modern age. Something that sounds like it could have been released in 1974. Hopefully this record ages as finely as some of the solid gold nuggets that were actually coming out at that time!

– Released 2018.

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Mythology III The Search For Relevance

Mythology’s third album shows a wonderful marriage of technicality and accessibility. A mature piece of work that shows a fully blossomed Artist come into their own. Drummer Jordan Morrissey joins as a permanent member after the early 2012 departure of original Drummer Jason Turner. “III” is the first statement that Mythology Mark II made onto record, and Brynen, Dane, and Jordan quickly melded into one cohesive unit. Having the ability to compose wonderfully catchy songs as well as daunting pieces, Mythology established themselves on this album as an undying force in Music.

– Released 2015.

Forever Endeavor

Mythology’s sophomore effort “Forever Endeavor” showed huge growth in terms of Composition, Songwriting, Technical Prowess, and above all Grandiosity! This is the album in which this New Jersey Prog trio finally earned their stripes, and proved they could play ball with the big boys. Meant to be listened to as a “Movie for your ears”, each song on this record tells a quirky work of fiction that each melody, lyric, and song structure exemplifies. For best results, read lyrics whilst listening!

– Released 2012.

Greatest Hits

New Jersey Prog trio Mythology comes out the gate swinging with a charming, yet highly ambitious first album! Recorded when each of its members were barely into adulthood, “Greatest Hits” showcases a group of young men full of piss and vinegar with a lot to prove! All the while throwing a generous amount of dark humor in their lyrics.

– Released 2009.

Mythology is a progressive rock band from Northern NJ whose sound is a fusion of strict, daring composition and wide-open improvisation.

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