“We Are Mythology” is a film I shot, compiled, and edited about the band during the recording of our new album “All The Planets Have Aligned”. Before we even started recording, I knew I wanted some sort of supplementary material to accompany the release of our 4th album. With that in mind, from the very first morning of basic tracking, I decided I would film most of the recording process. A lot of people ask me: “What’s it like to record an album?” and so, to quench their thirsty minds, this film is dedicated to them!

This documentary is chockfull of interesting footage of the band recording basic tracking, as well as some overdubbing, vocal tracking. We get a “fly-on-the-wall” perspective of a band who is fiercely inspired and motivated. Mythology worked so hard, and so fast for this album, I’m actually really glad I filmed most of the process! It captured a lot of the funny in between takes moments that certain fanatics fetish over. The show they never see!

The documentary layout is as follows:
Part 1: Interviews with Brynen, Dane, and Jordan about how the band formed, how Jordan eventually joined in some years later, and Dane’s Tibetan days.

Part 2: Early history of the band, songwriting approach, the use of humor in Mythology’s lyrics, and a bit on each of the 3 previous studio albums. Some live and rehearsal footage is also included.

Part 3: The making of our 4th album “All The Planets Have Aligned”. Tons of behind the scenes footage of us making our finest record to date. Lots of laughs to be had along the way!

Part 4: We staged an interview shortly after the final recording session. We touch upon the sound we wanted, production techniques, what certain songs mean, and more. We may or may not have been exhausted by the time this interview was filmed…

It is my hope that with “We Are Mythology” my musical brain child is not only explained in great detail, but also demystified. Perhaps knowing our story can give great insight into who we are and what we do aesthetically. And moreover, maybe you can see a little bit of yourselves in us, and empathize.

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