It is with great pride, that we introduce our 4th studio album, “All The Planets Have Aligned”! Recorded in 5 days in the Winter of 2018 at Architekt Music in Butler, NJ. We strongly feel that this is our finest recording to date, and we invite you to listen to it from the top down. We tried some different things this time around, as well as some of the standard Mythology fare, but it all sounds cohesive. Quite possibly, the most cohesive album we’ve ever done. All while taking the time to be overtly complex and, at times, silly. We hope that you, the listener, will enjoy this recording uninterrupted on a good speaker set. We’ve taken meticulous care to ensure a vastly cinematic and evocative experience. As with all previous Mythology recordings, this takes us on many different journeys through melodies, rhythms, words, and song structures. A musical rollercoaster of sorts. Without any of that nasty anxiety as you’re slowly reaching the very top of the track. Sentimental indeed to hear Brynen A. Sosa, Dane Carmichael, and Jordan Morrissey, once a wet-behind-the-ears trio of musicians, reach a rare level of sophistication and synchronicity, yet also clearly having a blast while arriving there!

This album marks many firsts. Drummer Jordan Morrissey makes his lyric writing debut on the opening track “Thilafushi”. A breathtaking piece about an actual island in the Maldives made of 100% garbage. My musical composition around Jordan’s words made for a beautiful marriage of words and melodies. Always having a natural, earthy acoustic side since the very beginning, I’ve turned a new leaf with his acoustic ballad “Raindrops”. The song lulls and yearns with sorrow, yet has a tinge of hopefulness. It also leaves enough open space for improvisation, something not typical of Mythology’s acoustic side. Another thing consistently present in our oeuvre, was a pinch of Latin-inspired music. “Hoodeehoo/Latin Heat” is a tour de force 2 for 1 song. And that’s a mighty good deal! An almost King Crimson meets Chick Corea song. Never before have we captured that essence so well, complete with Afro-Cuban rhythms and all! A pensive moment, “Doppelgänger Rag” is a hybrid of acoustic and electric music merged seamlessly. “One For The Gipper” pays great homage to the classic 70’s Jazz Fusion we each love so dearly. Dane’s bass solo on this tune states once for and for all that he is indeed the next Jaco Pastorius. And what would a Mythology album be without a really long story telling song?! “Lunar Lupines” is aided by outstanding production, as well as performances. It truly rocks like Maiden, but has a bit of a Genesis type folk prog flavor at times.

This album is certainly one for the ages! And we could not be more proud of this effort! I really achieved what I had set out to do: Create a classic sounding prog record in the modern age. Something that sounds like it could have been released in 1974. Hopefully this record ages as finely as some of the solid gold nuggets that were actually coming out at that time!

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